With his previous groups Buff has been blessed to have performed at
the major cowboy poetry and music events across the south western
United States.
"the people that you meet are the most genuine that you
will find in this day and age".
In 2012 Buff was nominated for "Best Instrumentalist of the Year" by
the Academy of Western Artists. His original song "Beans"  was
nominated in both "Best Original Traditional Western Song" and "Best
Original Western Swing Song" categories for 2012.

Once a rock musician, Buffalo Bryan rejected the rock n’ roll
lifestyle to get in touch with his “inner cowboy”. Western music is as
much a part of “Buff” as any member of his body.

He finds strength and inspiration in the examples set by his cowboy
heroes. Roy, Dale, Gene, Hoppy and all the rest have left us a great
legacy of values and morals. Buffalo Bryan endeavors to live by their
example every day of his life.

Buff has been a bass player most of his life. Now he is playing the
guitar, writing and singing again.
“This is something that I must do. My
success or failure depends on me, not others”. “I am driven to it; I play
Western music because it is part of who I am as a Christian man”
A brief history of Buffalo Bryan